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The naturopathic and spiritual way to

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My name is Stephanie Nunez,

I am a solo

licensed naturopathy Esthetician.

I specialize in Ayurveda facials and body treatments. Knowing your Dosha will help your skin, mind, body, and spirit be more in balance.

I provide a healing and spiritual environment for my clients.

I use tuning forks, crystals, and Sanskrit mantras for healing.

It's more then a treatment, it's an experience!

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Ayurveda Wellness

Taking a Ayurveda Dosha test will determine what oil, products , and treatments will benefit you the most!

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Ayurveda Facial

Herbal foot bath

followed by a Dosha skin diagnosis.

Ayurvedic skin care products. Tuning forks, Kansa wand, Gua sha, and cupping. Oil in ears and nose.

Facial, arm, hand, neck, and head massage.

Crystals for Chakra healing and sound bowl for healing.


Yoni steaming

“Vaginal steaming” is a female self-care ancient practice.

Relieves menstrual cramps, and endometriosis symptoms. Helps balance the moon cycle. Prepares womb for fertility. Dried herbs and distilled water in a warming pot gently steaming your vaginal tissue and womb. Learn about womb yoga and the oiling of the belly. You will be fully covered sitting comfortably over the Yoni steam box. While sipping on tea or wine.



Shirodhara comes from two Sanskrit words

“shiro” (head) and “dhara” (flow).

This ancient unique practice will involve warm river stones placed throughout the body. Sea salt and lime are rubbed on the feet for detoxifying. Head, neck, arm, hand,and face massage. Oil in ears and nose. Ayurvedic oil is poured gently and slowly over the forehead for ultimate deep relaxation. Finishing off service in sauna bed for 10-minutes.

A $25 oil fee is already added


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Abhyanga means “warm oil”

This type of traditional

Ayurvedic Massage is rhythmic and pressure-point-focused. Pacific dosha "warm" oil will be applied throughout your whole body, head to toe. Oil will be applied in the ears, nose, and inhair for head massage.

Aromatherapy oils for your pacific dosha will be applied on pusher points throughout the body.

Finishing off service in sauna bed for 10-minutes.


A Woman Doing a Head Massage


Head Massage


Warm oil Head Massage

Benefits of Champi is to increases mobility

and flexibility in neck and shoulders.

Excellent treatment to prevent migraines and headaches.

Stimulates hair follicles to promote hair growth.

Helps with lymphatic drainage.

Helps reduces anxiety, depression, and insomnia.


add on to other service for $25


Teen facials

For 12-17 years of age. Or high school student with a valid high school ID. Facial includes a deep cleanse, exfoliating, steam, and extractions. Botanical mask or herbal acne mask.

And high-frequency treatment. Lip treatment.

Add back facial for $30


Body Treatments

Hot stone massage!

CBD Cocoon

After dry brushing the entire body, I then will rub down the whole body with CBD oil. Hot stone therapy. Followed by wrapping you in a tight cocoon and covered with blankets. Peppermint head massage. Sound bowl will be played over your chakars. Finishing off service in sauna bed for 10-minutes.


Massage therapy with mud

Seaweed warp


Mini Ayurveda facial

After dry brushing the entire body, seaweed mud will be applied though out the body. Then warped in plastic and a warm blank like a cocoon.

Mini Ayurveda facial includes natural products recommended for your skin dosha. Facial and head, massage. Facial pressure points with tuning fork.


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